Sunday, August 3, 2008

Summer Beach Wear~!

Are you a chatterbox or shy? These cute tees are definetely hot and in trend right now! So pick a personality and contact us now!

Code no: GM-B004

Size : S

Available Colours : Green

Price : RM 18

Status : Out-of-Stock~!!!
Code no : GM-B005

Size : S

Available Colours : White, Dark Grey, Purple, Rose Pink & Pink

Price : RM18

Status: Out-of-Stock~!!!

Glow with a childlike radiance today with these cute, bright and funy cartoon-tees. Honestly, which girl wont fall for it?!

Code no: GM-B006

Size : S

Available Colours : Yellow, Purple, Dark Grey & Orange

Price : RM18

Status : Out-of-Stock~!!!

The perfect "sunshine" look by the beach would not be complete without these superb beach pants. What more, with their double designs, they could be wore inside and outside in!

Code no : GM-C001

Size : L & M

Available Colours : White (L), Aqua Blue (M) & Pink (M)

Price : RM 20

Status : Pink (M) Available Only~!!!

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